Michael Kenna: Holga (Signed)

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Michael Kenna is internationally renowned for producing evocative black-and-white images of nature and the urban environment. Often photographing at night or in the early morning hours, the majority of his photographs involve long time exposures with the camera on a tripod. However, some of Kenna’s more quirky, whimsical, and unpredictable images have been photographed with inexpensive, hand-held, plastic Holga cameras. These cameras generally produce relatively lowfidelity images, with marked vignetting. Precisely because of these attributes and its portability, Kenna often carries a Holga camera, even when he is not specifically photographing. For this beautifully produced book, Kenna has chosen his favorite Holga images, many never seen before, from his vast archive of negatives. Despite their low-tech origin, these refined and artful photographs bear the hallmarks of Kenna's brilliant work.


Title: Holga
Publisher: Prestel, 2017
Author: Michael Kenna
Photographer: Michael Kenna
Graphic Design: -
Format: Hardcover
Size: 28 x 24 cm, 152 pages
ISBN: 9783791383774
Edition: -