Polaroid Now Camera (£119.99 incl VAT)

£119.99 including VAT

  • £99.99

The Polaroid Now takes the simplicity of vintage Polaroid OneStep cameras and updating them with sleek design and upgraded features including an autofocus two lens system for sharper photos, a self-timer and double exposure mode to combine two frames in one for strange, dreamy images.

Compatible with Polaroid 600 and I-Type films.

This camera has a built in lithium ion battery and while compatible with 600 type films it needs to be charged and is not powered by the battery in 600 film cartridges.



Format: Polaroid integral instant film
Type: 600 and I-Type
Lens: Autofocus system via two fixed zones, 0.55-1.3, 0.6m - infinity
Focal length: Close -up(Lens 1) 94.96mm, Distance Lens (Lens 2) 103.35mm
Flash: Vacuum discharge tube storage
Power supply: high performance lithium-ion
Size: 156.5mm  x 112.2mm  x 150.2mm 
Weight: 443 grams without film pack

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