Polaroid Color 600 Round Frame Instant Film (£20.99 incl VAT)

£20.99 including VAT

  • £17.49

Colour instant film for vintage Polaroid 600 type cameras and contemporary Polaroid I-Type cameras. Polaroid colour films have a rich texture and tone for a warm retro look with round rather than classic square white frame.

Manipulation and emulsion lifts are possible with all Polaroid films.

Compatible with 600, I-Type, SLR 680, SLR 690, SLR670 and SX-70 cameras with a neutral density filter.


Type: Colour Instant film
Format: 600
ISO: 640 (film speed may vary , allow for +/-⅓ stops)
Exposures: 8
Development time: 10-15 minutes

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