I-Chien Tang & Fang-Jui Chang: Hospital and Ceremony

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This book is a temporary meeting room, allowing you to move around the space and touch the works, and even occupy it for a period of time, if you wish. As you are present now, we have the opportunity to invite you to participate in these two social events, one is happening in the common space in the hospital, the other is a series of ceremonies taking place after the funeral. Artists I-Chien Tang and Fang-Jui Chang lost their grandfather and grandmother on July 11th 2019 and December 11th 2018, respectively. Over the course of time they observed the chaotic nature in these events and how they affected family members, patients, the deceased and themselves. In the wake of that duration, two visual essays were developed — Hospital and Hospitality and Ceremony as a Form of Imagination.


Title: Hospital and Ceremony
Publisher: Hiccup!, 2020
Authors & Artists: I-Chien Tang & Fang-Jui Chang
Format: Hardcover, including 2 booklets
Size: 22.5 x 30 cm,
Edition: 200 copies

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