JH Engström: October 2016 - Fear of Leaving (Signed, Out of Print)

* New or Sealed *

  • £225.00

The book plays an integral part of JH Engstrom's practice. His numerous books are developed over a number of maquettes and tend to be fused with energy. This project consists of work from Engstroms archive collaged as well as new work.

Produced over 48 hours, Mörel only printed the amount of copies which were ordered in this time frame - in a sense this book was limited by a time window. No copies were available from the morning of Saturday October 29th, 2016.


Title: October 2016 - Fear of Leaving
Publisher: Mörel, 2016
Author: JH Engström
Photographer: JH Engström
Graphic Design: JH Engström
Format: Softcover
Size: 29.7 x 21 cm, 60 pages
Edition: ?


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