Miho Kajioka: And, do you still hear the peacocks?

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 My newest book is the new version of the series about what I have experienced and digested from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in 2011. That incident pushed me to return to art, which I had stopped for more than 10 years. In this book, I also used the text above but I added this line in the end:

'I still wonder where they went...'

- Miho Kajioka

Title: And, do you still hear the peacocks? 
Publisher: the(M) éditions / IBASHO, 2022
Author: Miho Kajioka
Photographer: Miho Kajioka
Graphic Design: Miho Kajioka
Format: Hardcover, consists of a 48-page accordion and a second 62-page book printed on tracing paper.
Size: 25 x 25 cm, 
Edition: 500 copies

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