Marco Delogu: Asinara (Signed, Pre-Order)

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Asinara is the photographic exploration of an island off the north western tip of Sardinia. Now completely abandoned and a natural reserve, the island used to house a quarantine station and several generations of penitentiaries.

As the novelist Edoardo Albinati writes in the text accompanying the book, "... in the images that Delogu has created, that which should be unheimlich, unfamiliar, or even distressing, because it is immersed in darkness, instead reveals itself a poetic set for a midsummer night’s dream, where the vibration and commotion of life have magically dwindled, the white roads are barely visible, the danger signals have been turned o  because there is no longer any danger, and men and animals can roam free and without fear...."

Marco Delogu says about his project: "...I chose to work on Asinara because of its history and geography. When I was a child, the island was de- scribed to me as a sort of hell, and as a boy I was struck by the stories of a family friend, a lawyer who de- fended Renato Curcio and Rafaele Cutolo and went to meet them on the island. Later, commencing in 1997, when I was working at Rebibbia penitentiary for the portraits of my Captivity series, I met a series of prison- ers who had been on Asinara, and heard the story of the Fornelli riots from their mouths. I hadn’t been to Sar- dinia for many years, and for my photographic ‘return’ I chose an island that I didn’t know, so full of painful memories that contrast with the enormous sense of beauty and freedom perceived there now..."


Title: Asinara
Publisher: Punctum Press, 2018
Author: Marco Delogu, Edoardo Albinati
Photographer: Marco Delogu
Graphic Design: Nicola Scavalli Veccia
Format: Hardcover
Size: 26 x 38.5 cm
ISBN: 9788895410685
Edition: -