Todd Hido: Khrystyna's World (Signed)

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Something is going to happen. We can feel it. A car pulling up. An argument overheard. The shattering of glass. Or maybe it already happened: a crumpled bed, a lamp left on, a door slammed shut.

In his celebrated shots of American suburbia, photographer Todd Hido excels in capturing a sense of the disturbed moment. Whether in his eerie exteriors of isolated houses at night, where the only source of life emanates on to the street from a single lit room, or his carefully framed interior shots of freshly tousled sheets of a single bed, or the numbing glare of an old TV set, and even in his disturbing yet evocative images of female models, a confusing yet very real range of female identities lifted from his past — we feel a sense of unease: some allow vulnerability and others exhibit empowerment.


Title: Khrystyna's World
Publisher: Reflex Gallery, 2015
Author: Todd Hido, Katya Tylevich
Photographer: Todd Hido
Graphic Design: Todd Hido & Alex Daniels
Format: Hardcover
Size: 25 x 30.5 cm, 64 pages
ISBN: 9789071848223
Edition: -