Yusuke Yamatani: Into the Light (Signed)

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Into the Light is a series based on infrared camera photographs of residential areas in suburban Tokyo, taken late in the evening. It was inspired by Yusuke Yamatani’s interest in other people’s houses prompted by having my own family. Despite being an inorganic entity, houses change together with its residents and can never be separated from human activities. Even with the use of an infrared camera that responds to invisible rays, we cannot, of course, take a peek into these houses. The desire to have a glimpse of human activities despite its impossibility, made him strongly aware of “seeing” and “being seen.” We are now living a contradiction where on one hand we fear being seen by others, while on the other, our desire to see and know more keeps escalating as we come into contact with a large amount of information on a daily basis. Entering into the realm of the other from the overwhelming abyss between the self and the other that looms over residential areas late at night, makes him feel, together with the chasm between himself and the world, a peculiar feeling of comfort.


Title: Into the Light
Publisher: T&M Projects, 2017
Author: Yusuke Yamatani
Photographer: Yusuke Yamatani
Graphic Design: Satoshi Suzuki
Format: Hardcover
Size: 26.4 x 18 cm, 95 pages w, fold outs
Edition: -