Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Thirty (extreme rarity)

Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Thirty (extreme rarity)

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The publisher Zelda Cheatle reminisces about the production of Thirty:

"The book Thirty was a collaboration between Manuel Alvarezo Bravo, his wife Colette Alvarez Urbjatel , their daughter Aurelia and myself. I spent time in Mexico with them , looking, thinking and discussing ...and Manuel was quite specific about what he wanted.

A book that was small enough to fit into your back pocket or your jacket pocket, not to have hard covers but flexibility so that it would fit the contours of your body, and the pictures were to reflect his views on the Mexican landscape and how that in turn reflected on his nudes and the human form. As well as this, the book was to show his prowess as a beautiful printer of platinum images. Much conversation ensued and many images and ideas were dismissed until we settled on these thirty images.

The next hurdle was to find a printer in the uk that could mirror, in a mechanical form of printing, the soft and subtle qualities of a platinum print. Howard Brown designed a French pleat for the cover and we used Mohawk Superfine paper, shipped to the UK from USA. The Pale Green Press did a great job printing. Manuel Alvarez Bravo was very delighted with the book...

We intended to publish this book in May 2000, but along with all the other zelda cheatle press books they were in a serious flood so only one box of books survived. 

These books at TPG are the only ones available and are being sold at the costs of production in 2000."



Title: Thirty
Publisher: Zelda Cheatle Press, 2000
Author: Aurelia Alvarez Urbaitel
Photographer: Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Graphic Design: Howard Brown
Format: Softcover
Size: 17.5 x 14 cm, 64 pages
ISBN: 9781899823086

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