Andrew Bellamy: Analogue Photography - Reference manual for shooting film

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Inspired by the aesthetic of vintage user manuals, this beautifully illustrated and designed reference book is an essential guide for everyone interested in the fundamentals of film photography.

So whether you have found an old Konica at the thrift store or inherited a Leica, or are one of the many younger photographers who are turning to analogue as a way to enrich and expand your practice, this book provides all the information needed to help you understand your camera and get out and start using it.

Divided into six main sections, the book is structured so that it can be accessed in either a linear or non-linear way. It opens with a concise description outlining the basic mechanics of taking a photograph. The beginner can then read through from cover to cover, while a more advanced photographer can dip in and out.

It is designed to be easily navigated: cross references are underlined in the text and listed with their relevant page number at the top of each page, and there is a complete and detailed index at the back. As a primer or a reference manual, this is the perfect book to (re)kindle your love of analogue photography.


Title: Analogue Photography - Reference manual for shooting film
Publisher: ars-imago, Vetro Editions, 2017
Author: Andrew Bellamy, Florian Kaps
Photographer: Andrew Bellamy
Graphic Design: Andrew Bellamy
Format: Softcover
Size: 21 x 16 cm, 240 pages
ISBN: 9788894304404
Edition: -




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