Anouk De Clercq: Where is Cinema?

Anouk De Clercq: Where is Cinema?

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This book is compiled of portraits of film initiatives from around the world, interwoven with conversations with adventurers who have rebooted movie theatres or built them up from the ground, in the hope that it can be an inspiring compendium for future cinema builders, filmmakers, film curators and film lovers.


Title: Where is Cinema?
Publisher: Archive Books, 2019
Author: Anouk De Clercq, Verena von Stackelberg, Ana López Ortego, Daniel Bejarano, Ilona Jurkonytė, Ugnė Marija Andrijauskaitė, Adam Pugh, Thomas Liu, Silja Espolin Johnson, Erika Balsom, Beatrice Gibson, María Palacios Cruz, Ben Rivers, Heather Lane, Mia Ferm
Photographer: -
Graphic Design: Michaël Bussaer
Format: Softcover
Size: 27 x 21, 96 pages
ISBN: 9783948212162
Edition: -

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