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Aperture #251 - Summer Issue - Being & Becoming: Asian in America

Aperture #251 - Summer Issue - Being & Becoming: Asian in America

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Guest edited by Stephanie Hueon Tung, “Being & Becoming: Asian in America,” considers how artists use the medium of photography to grapple with questions of visibility, belonging, and what it means to be Asian American.


Guest Editor’s Note
Asian American artists envision new possibilities for the future
Stephanie Hueon Tung

Landscapes & Memories
An-My Lê and Pao Houa Her discuss fiction and truth in the aftermath of war
A Conversation with Ryan Lee Wong

The Living Archive
How do artists engage with collections shaped by colonial histories?
Bakirathi Mani

Manzanar Stories
Toyo Miyatake’s document of life inside the notorious World War II–era internment camp
Ken Chen

The Downtown Diplomat
In 1980s New York, Tseng Kwong Chi played the role of a lifetime
Simon Wu

The Possibility of Home
The artists exploring domestic life
Xueli Wang

Movement & Form
Soichi Sunami’s collaboration with dancers—and museums
Yechen Zhao

How to Survive the American Dream
Reagan Louie’s decades-long meditation about China and Chinatown
A Conversation with Aleesa Pitchamarn Alexan


Priya Suresh Kambli’s collages about memory and migration
Amitava Kumar

Pressing Against Looking
Gina Osterloh’s photographs resist the legibility of identity
Phoebe Chen

Parting Gift
Leonard Suryajaya’s exuberant scenes in Indonesia and Chicago
Tausif Noor

Arthur Ou considers the act of seeing the world
Mimi Wong

North, South, East, West
Bruce Yonemoto reimagines the role of Asian men in US military history
Amy Sadao

Resident Aliens
Guanyu Xu’s room of his own
Xuan Juliana Wang

In Between You and Your Shadow
For Jarod Lew, a Detroit family home and restaurant invoke the past
Simon Han


Title: Aperture #251: Summer 2023
Publisher: Aperture, 2023
Author: -
Photographer: -
Graphic Design: -
Format: Softcover
Size: 9.25 x 12 inches, 144 pages
ISBN: 9781597115476
Edition: -


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