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A Rabbit's Foot #4

A Rabbit's Foot #4

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This fourth issue is themed 'Love & Passion', features the likes of Marion Cottilard, Gasper Noé, Sir Roger Deakins, Fanny Ardant and more, opening with a quote from Jean-Luc Godard that proclaims: 'You can't kiss a movie.' (Try telling that to the cover). 

And the name? It comes from an Ernest Hemingway book, ‘For luck you carried… a rabbit’s foot in your right pocket… the claws scratched in the lining of your pocket and you knew your luck was still there.’

Title: A Rabbit's Foot
Publisher: Finch Publishing                                                                   
Contributors: Max Arvelaiz, Andrew Balstow, Peter Bradshaw, Ethan Coen, Sir Roger Deakins, PK Fellowes, Natasha A. Fraser, Genevive Gaunt, Richard Gianorio, Allegra Handelsman, Michael Hoppen, Matias Indjic, Nadia Khomami, Young Kim, Kim Krizan, Darla Kumenius, Magnum Photographs, Julien Planté, Isabel Sandoval, Jason Solomons, Jonas Zieher
Size: -
Format: Softcover                                                                                                     
ISBN: 9781739107833


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