Daido Moriyama: Aa, Koya (Signed)

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Aa, Koya, the only long-length novel that Shuji Terayama has left, In addition to the photographs taken for the film based on the same work, the photograph album composed of the landscapes of Shinjuku, which Daido Moriyama continued to capture Shinjuku for over 60 years.
It is a compilation in Daido Moriyama’s latest form, which has swallowed all the novel/movie of Oh, Wilderness, and the streets of Shinjuku.


Title: Aa, Koya
Publisher: KADOKAWA, 2017
Author: Daido Moriyama
Photographer: Daido Moriyama
Graphic Design: -
Format: Softcover
Size: 22 x 16 cm, 144 pages
ISBN: 9784891947255
Edition: -