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Daido Moriyama: Record 25 (Signed)

Daido Moriyama: Record 25 (Signed)

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Daido Moriyama’s personal photographic magazine, originally published in 1972-73 then ongoing since 2006.

"I visited Okinawa for the first time in 1974.
It was a short one-week stay together with some of my senior photographers, and for some reason I kept sensing that very same dazzling light there right from the time of my arrival up to departure. As if engraved in my memory, the sensation of that somewhat “physiological” light keeps coming back to me every time I return to Okinawa still today. In other words, no matter what other factors may come into play, what I associate with Okinawa is first and foremost a very personal condition of being irradiated and embraced by “light”.

Title: Record No.25
Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing, 2014
Author: Daido Moriyama
Photographer: Daido Moriyama
Format: Softcover
Size: 27.8 x 22 cm, 144 pages



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