Danny Fox & Kingsley Ifill: Eye for a Sty Tooth for the Roof

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A collaborative series of figurative studies by Danny Fox & Kingsley Ifill, produced in Los Angeles during a four month period, beginning in October 2019. Initially intended simply to extend the conversation that has been taking place between the mediums of drawing and photography since the late 19th century, but ultimately exploring the love, trust and honesty that can still be shared amongst artist and subject, despite the negativity and confusion that permeates the surrounding world. 

Title: Eye for a Sty Tooth for the Roof
Publisher: Tarmac, 2020
Author: Danny Fox & Kingsley Ifill
Photographer: Danny Fox & Kingsley Ifill
Graphic Design: Kingsley Ifill & Jamie Reid
Format: Hardback
Size: 25 x 20 cm, 156 pages
Edition: 1000 copies

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