Louis De Belle: Cartographies: New York, 10am-7pm

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Cartographies is a photographic series that portrays details of the clothes of passers-by glimpsed along the streets of Manhattan. Folds, stains or little traces of clothing thus constitute impressions of everyday life, potential cartographies of everyoneʼs journeys. The book, devised in a newspaper format, is made up of twenty unstitched sheets held together with an elastic band, alternating original photographs with large, full-page details. The central spread features an index of the images organised by time of day. The subtitle New York, 10 am – 7 pm in fact references the time span in which the images were shot, underlining the repetitiveness of everyday actions. The photographic sequence is accompanied by a text written by Francesco Pacifico within a New York setting, laid out in text fragments alternating with the images.


Title: Cartographies: New York, 10am-7pm
Publisher: Humboldt Books, 2021
Author: Text by Francesco Pacifico
Photographer: Luis De Belle
Graphic Design: Claire Huss
Format: Elastic-bound sheets
Size: 23 x 32 cm, 40 pages
ISBN:   9788899385835


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