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Effie Paleologou: Tales of Estrangement (signed)

Effie Paleologou: Tales of Estrangement (signed)

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This collection evokes a mysterious and fragmented cityscape of two places – London and Athens – both of which artist Effie Paleologou has come to regard as almost home. Working nocturnally, when identities become blurred and indeterminate, Paleologou conjures a third fictional staging that she has become all the more attached to. Her images are infused with a sense of the familiar but are equally beholden to the states of uncertainty and vulnerability that arise in alternative realities. Stripped of inhabitants this hybrid city appears silent yet strangely resonant. Paleologou offers a modern mapping of transitory and liminal spaces. She is drawn to train stations, hotels, carparks, seaports and airports, sites in which encounters, departures, disappearances, and endings unfold perpetually. Shadows and artificial light cast across urban geometries reveal phantasmagoric scenes and uncanny moods. If this is home, there is a restless theatre at play too. Alienation and belonging belong together here.


Title: Tales of Estrangement
Publisher: Mack, 2022
Author: Essays by Brian Dillon and Iain Sinclair
Photographer: Effie Paleologou
Graphic Design: Morgan Crowcroft-Brown
Format: Hardcover
Size: 27 x 33 cm
ISBN: 9781913620592

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