Frida Orupabo: On My Chest Is The Truth

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This artist's book is the result of a collaboration between Frida Orupabo and graphic designer Carla Valdivia Nakatani, and is published to accompany the exhibition "the mouth and the truth" at Portikus Frankfurt.

Frida Orupabo’s practice consists of collecting images from the media and her personal life, which she archives on Instagram (@nemiepeba), amongst others, and transforms into analog collages. In her virtually accessible archive, appropriated images of colonial violence, film sequences from Afro-American media, music videos, art, and images from Orupabo’s personal photo archive all collide, blending her private sphere with the political and public spheres and allowing a distinctively subjective perspective to emerge. In their sequencing, the archival images trace stereotyped representations of race, gender roles, sexuality, and violence, as well as privacy, autobiography, and the public in the media, to which Frida Orupabo not only approaches through her selection but also integrates and subordinates herself with her private photographs and digital collages.


Title: On My Chest Is The Truth
Publisher: Portikus, 2019
Author: Frida Orupabo, Christina Lehnert
Photographer: -
Graphic Design: Carla Valdivia Nakatani
Format: Softcover
Size: 60 pages
Edition: 300 copies


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