Harry Gruyaert: Maroc

Harry Gruyaert: Maroc

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Harry Gruyaert’s Moroccan pictures have the tenacious certitude of mystery. Their content is neither sociological nor ethnographical, and even less so exotic or journalistic. All anecdote is banished, and time—the story, what comes before and after the photograph—appears to be suspended. And yet, it is brimming with energy—the energy of its colors and postures captured on the spot. The enigmatic “subject” of these pictures includes such things as the texture of a wall or the material of a fabric, the composition of the air, and the density that is so specific to Moroccan light, at once violent and tender, glaring and maternal, abstract and sensual. The exact opposite of stereotypical exoticism, Harry Gruyaert shows us what has never been seen before of a different reality that is daily but secret.


Title: Maroc
Publisher: Textuel, 2015
Author: Harry Gruyaert, Brice Matthieussent
Photographer: Harry Gruyaert
Graphic Design: Agnès Dahan Studio 
Format: Hardcover
Size: 34 x 25.5 cm, 120 pages
ISBN: 9782845974784
Edition: -