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Joseph Maida & Ansel Adams: Born Free & Equal (Signed)

Joseph Maida & Ansel Adams: Born Free & Equal (Signed)

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When donating his WWII photographs of interned Japanese-Americans to the Library of Congress in 1965, Ansel Adams wrote, “I think this Manzanar Collection is an important historical document and I trust it can be put to good use.” Responding to Adams' prompt, Joseph Maida has reconstructed Adams' catalog Born Free and Equal, which accompanied Adams' 1944 MoMA exhibition curated by Nancy Newhall. In this new book, Maida incorporates Adams' vintage negatives and prints while obscuring specific faces, names, ethnicities, and dates. This collaborative volume illuminates the past's timely relationship to the present and punctuates the far-seeing power of Adams' original documents.

AIGA 50 Best Books Award Winner 2018


Title: Born Free & Equal
Publisher: Convoke, 2018
Author: Joseph Maida, Ansel Adams
Photographer: Ansel Adams
Graphic Design: Joseph Maida
Format: Softcover
Size: 27.3 x 21 cm, 114 pages
ISBN: 9780999782170
Edition: -


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