Kono!Rama No.1 3 Effect Layers for Instant Photography (£14.99 incl VAT)

£14.99 including VAT

  • £12.49

Kono!Rama is an effects layer for Fujifilm Instax instant photography available for Instax Mini, Square and wide formats. Each pack contains three reusable effects layers for insertion in the Instax cartridge.

Kono!Rama No1 Contains these layers.

Austin brings colorful splashes of color to your shot and the world immediately appears in a more cheerful light. Due to the overlapping circles, new shades of colour are mixed with the background.

Raindrops, show others your world through a window pane full of raindrops and melancholy on a sunny day.

Northern Lights. This layer responds variably depending on the backgrounds and light incursions. From a very subtle mere hint to surprisingly strong effects, everything is possible.

View the YouTube tutorial here.

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