Kranzler & Phelps: The Drake Equation

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In the 1950s the National Radio Quiet Zone was created to accommodate large scale radio telescopes in Green Bank, WV. For very different reasons, the world’s leading scientists and “electromagnetic hypersensitives” need an environment free from electromagnetic radio waves. Together, with the locals who live a very rural hunting lifestyle, they form the community of this very small village in Poccahontas County.

"Together with Paul Kranzler, I traveled to the small remote town of Green Bank, WV and spent several weeks with astrophysicists, bear hunters and electromagnetic hypersensitives to tell the story of this place called 'The Quiet Zone'"

- Andrew Phelps


Title: The Drake Equation
Publisher: Fountain, 2018
Author: Alard von Kittlitz
Photographer: Paul Kranzler, Andrew Phelps
Graphic Design: Isabel Latza
Format: Hardcover
Size: 28.5 x 23.5 cm, 120 pages
ISBN: 9783000580598
Edition: 1000 copies