Lee Miller: A Life with Food Friends & Recipes

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More than a book of recipes, this cookbook explores Lee Miller’s life through the influence of food and how it transcends to become the creative vehicle for which she eventually swaps her camera and uses it to build bridges, heal old wounds, and to empower other women.

A woman of many lives and mistress of her own re-invention, Lee Miller: model, surrealist and fashion photographer, war correspondent and gourmet cook, does everything wholeheartedly and with an imaginative flair. Much has been written about the varied forms of her creativity but Lee Miller’s achievement as a gourmet chef is usually left to being an endnote. Her granddaughter Ami Bouhassane sees this part of her life as Miller’s longest battle and most extraordinary personal accomplishment in every sense.

Ami Bouhassane is a trustee of the Lee Miller Archives and has worked closely with the material for more than nineteen years. This intimacy with the work has given her a unique insight to her grandmother’s life and access to never before published manuscripts and photographs which reveal a previously unknown aspect of Miller.

Illustrated by Miller’s pictures, the book also features more than hundred recipes and material from the cookbook that Lee Miller was secretly hoping to publish at the end of her life. This is a colourful celebration of life with a lovely vintage style design from independent publisher Grapefrukt Forlag of Oslo.

Title: Lee Miller a Life with Food Friends and Family
Publisher: Grapefrukt Forlag
Author: Ami Bouhassane
Photographer: Lee Miller
Graphic Design: Forest ( forestry.no )
Format: Hardback
Size: 28 x 23 cm,  352 pages
ISBN: 9788299757454
Publication date: 2017