Lucas Foglia: Human Nature

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Human Nature begins and ends with interpretations of paradise. The narrative of the book unfolds through sequences of photographs—moving through cities, forests, farms, deserts, ice fields, and oceans. Along the way, scientists work to quantify and understand our relationship with the natural world, measuring how we change nature and how spending time in wild spaces changes us.

Both factual and lyrical, the series is a celebration of the curious. At times funny, sad or sensual, the images illuminate the human need to connect with nature and to the wildness in ourselves.


Title: Human Nature
Publisher: Nazraeli Press, 2017
Author: Lucas Foglia
Photographer: Lucas Foglia
Graphic Design: -
Format: Hardcover
Size: 32 x 25 cm, 92 pages
ISBN: 9781590054642
Edition: -