Our Legacy: Self_Titled

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Our Legacy was established more than ten years ago. In the beginning, the brand would move forward by looking backwards: by exploring vintage garments, modernist architecture and the work of their favorite photographers, the founders strived to find their own personal form of expression. Through this mapping of references and points of view, the brand slowly began to find its shape. How are these first garments perceived today, and how do they correlate with current collections more progressive take on menswear? How can the brand´s “legacy” be understood in a world that is so different from what it was then? In Self_Titled - A Book About Our Legacy, these topics are investigated through a combination of photography and text.


Title: Self_Titled - A Book About Our Legacy
Publisher: Our Legacy
Author: Philip Warkander
Photographer: Anders Edström, Henry Roy, Mikael Olsson, Jenny Källman, Erik Wåhlström, Viviane Sassen, Takashi Homma, Todd Jordan, Kristian Bengtsson, Andreas Doré, Oliver Helbig, Mathias Sterner, Ola Rindal, Fredrik Pettersson, Tony Cederteg
Graphic Design: -
Format: Hardcover
Size: 27.5 x 24 cm, 226 pages
ISBN: 9789198411003
Edition: 1000 copies