Perry Ogden: Paddy & Liam

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The new IDEA photography book is Paddy & Liam by Perry Ogden. Paddy is on the front cover. Liam is on the back cover. Inside the book they are together - most of the time. They are photographed with dogs or horses or alone in the Irish landscape. Simply created from Perry seeing something in the two of them, returning to it, adding to it with Tara St Hill’s styling and then making it perfect with the addition of Paddy and Liam’s own text.

“Paddy and Liam Doran are two young Irish Traveller boys who live with their family in a council house just outside Dublin. I have always been interested in Traveller culture and started photographing them a number of years ago. Later, I thought these images would make a very interesting book documenting that period of time from age 10—16, which is such a transformative period in your life, a time when you are making discoveries and developing passions. I also wanted to reflect on the Ireland they were born into and the Ireland in which they are becoming adults.”

- Perry Ogden


Title: Paddy & Liam
Publisher: IDEA, 2018
Author: Perry Ogden
Photographer: Perry Ogden
Graphic Design: -
Format: Softcover, exposed spine
Size: 29.7 x 23.5 cm, 01 pages
Edition: 500 copies