PETRIe Issue 68: Not Your Savage

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Everyone must be held accountable – for their actions, their decisions, and their opinions. A lack of accountability often leads to hasty, thoughtless choices that have grave impact on those left unconsidered. For this issue of PETRIe, we asked the questions and captured the pictures which work collectively to create a beautiful narrative giving a voice to the champions – those who have to push a little harder to erase the stigma and the position society has predestined for them. They are the marginalised who refuse to exist complacently, and create a world of their own, challenging us to reevaluate our roles as members of the human race, and deconstruct our ramifications of privilege.

Society as we know it is in an erratic flux. With PETRIe 68, we hope to inspire you to rethink your position on various human issues, rooting them into public consciousness, and creating a public conundrum, so that we can find solutions. The loud voices that we have heard now for far too long are slowly slipping into irrelevance, and now is the time for the quieter voices of humanity to be heard.

Zadrian Smith - Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Title: PETRIe Issue 68: Not Your Savage
Publisher: PETRIe, 2017
Author: Zadrian Smith (Ed.)
Photographer: Various
Graphic Design: Katja Alissa Mueller
Format: Hardcover
Size: 30 x 22.5 cm, 191 pages
ISBN: 9780993007620
Edition: -