Philipp Schmitt: Computed Curation

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Considering both image content and composition — but through the sober eyes of neural networks, vectors and pixels — the algorithms uncover unexpected connections and interpretations that a human editor might have missed.

Machine learning based image recognition tools are already adept at recognizing training images (umbrella, dog on a beach, car), but quickly expose their flaws and biases when challenged with more complex input. 

In Computed Curation, these flaws surface in often bizarre and sometimes poetic captions, tags and connections. Moreover, by urging the viewer to constantly speculate on the logic behind its arrangement, the book teaches how to see the world through the eyes of an algorithm.


Title: Computed Curation (Mini Leporello)
Publisher: Self Published
Author: Philipp Schmitt
Photographer: Philipp Schmitt
Graphic Design: Philipp Schmitt
Format: Leporello
Size: 15cm x 10cm10 pages
Edition: 75, numbered


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