Polaroid SLR 680 Camera (£580.00 incl VAT)

£580.00 incl VAT

  • £483.33

The Polaroid SLR 680 was built upon the classic SX-70 but with a number of additional features.

Released in the 1982s it shares many components and features with the SX-70 but the biggest difference is that is uses 600 rather the SX-70/Time Zero film. 600 films have a higher ISO rating so need less available light, particularly useful when shooting indoors without flash and to avoid camera shake from longer hand held exposures.

Equipped with Polaroid's patented Sonar ultrasonic autofocus system it uses sound waves for near instant focus unmatched by many cameras today. The autofocus can be switched off for manual focus using the geared wheel and unlike SX-70 cameras it has a built in automatic flash which can be disabled.



Format: Folding SLR integral film instant camera
Type: 600
Lens: 4-element 116mm f/8 glass lens
Focal length: 260mm-infinity
Focus: Ultrasonic autofocus or manual focus via geared wheel
Aperture: f/8-f90
Shutter speed: 10 seconds to 1/175
Flash: Built-in automatic electronic flash

Compatible with Polaroid 600 film.

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