Siân Davey: Martha (Signed)

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"The work began when Martha was 16 years of age, a time when a child is on that cusp of being and becoming a woman. It’s a particular period of time, when for a brief period you are both a young woman and child in the same body, before the child leaves and the young woman stands on her own to meet the world. It’s a complex and potentially confusing time.

During this period of transition, there is a very short human space when a person can behave free of the weight of societal expectations and norms. Before long that window closes and we can easily forget how it felt to be ‘untethered’." - Siân Davey


Title: Martha
Publisher: Trolley Books, 2018
Author: Siân Davey
Photographer: Siân Davey
Graphic Design: -
Format: Hardcover
Size: 28 x 25 cm
ISBN: 9786000027865
Edition: -