Taryn Simon: mono.editionen #03 (Signed)

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mono.kultur #15: Taryn Simon
Interview Addendum
10 Plates from ‘A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters’

Stylistically, Taryn Simon continues to work on the borderline between fine art and documentary photography. Frequently relying on text to avoid any ambiguities in content, she applies methods of advertising photography to journalism, creating carefully staged and manipulated tableaux that gain their force from the friction between their visual perfection and the unsettling subject matter. Taryn Simon has perfected this duality with An American Index, a project she pursued over four years and which marks a shift from portraiture to spaces and still lifes. In their aesthetic beauty and eerie stillness, but also in the often shockingly banal reality of places of high power and significance, the images exude simultaneously a sense of depth and of shallowness that are not only visually fascinating but uncomfortably disturbing in all their unexpected nakedness.


Title: mono.editionen #03
Publisher: mono.kultur, 2011
Author: Kai von Rabenau, Magda Magiera
Photographer: Taryn Simon
Graphic Design:  Kai von Rabenau
Format: Softcover, tissue sleeve
Size: 34.5 x 25.2 cm, 48 pages + 10 cards
Edition: -