Thomas Ruff: Thomas Ruff

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Thomas Ruff, German photographer of the ‘Dusseldorf School”, is an important figure in the world of contemporary photography.
The photobook Thomas Ruff is a compilation of Ruff’s exhibitions, from his early days up to the latest works, and aims to provide an overview of the artist’s work.
Relayed through experimental techniques and expressed in an objective manner, Ruff’s worldview introduces aspects of relativity to concepts of individuality, social character and even one’s experience of existence.
Contained within his works is a certain suggestive power that allows its audience to re-consider and re-affirm the world occupied by us humans.

Texts in English and Japanese.

Title: Thomas Ruff
Publisher: Yoriuri Shimbun, 2016
Author: Rei Masuda, Koichi Nakata
Photographer: Thomas Ruff
Graphic Design: Yoshihisa Tanaka
Format: Softcover
Size: 29 x 22.4 cm, 271 pages
ISBN: 9786000027520
Edition: -