Vivienne Gucwa: NY In The Snow (Signed)

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The iconic city of New York is a bustling, heady metropolis that, thanks to the power of media, everyone in the world knows intimately, even if they've never been. But every once in a while it changes completely. At first a few flakes will fall, then more, and more. Hardened New Yorkers rush for warmth and, while they're absent, an amazing, glistening almost deserted winter wonderland momentarily appears.

It is these moments that phenomenally popular photo-blogger Vivienne Gucwa lives for. She has been documenting them for more than a decade, rushing out to capture the city in snow. Of all the photos that have made her the celebrated, award-winning success that she is, it is these that are most loved, both online and in print, so we offer them here in a sumptous volume to be enjoyed by anyone who loves New York, whether from afar, as an occasional visitor, or if you've never left the Big Apple.


Title: NY In The Snow
Publisher: Ilex Press, 2017
Author: Vivienne Gucwa
Photographer: Vivienne Gucwa
Graphic Design: JC Lanaway
Format: Hardcover
Size: 21 x 21 cm, 192 pages
ISBN: 9781781574157
Edition: -