Bernd Ott: All the People, Book Presentation. Thur 28 Sep, 18.00 - 20.00

German photographer Bernd Ott and writer Emily Besa introduce and sign their book All the People, published by Kerber, and speak about their creative process, photographing and writing a book that explores gender identity and expression with 39 people from around the world, living in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York.

Bernd and Emily specifically worked with two organisations, Mermaids UK, a charity that connects and supports gender diverse children, young adults and their families, and TransAmsterdam, an organization that serves the trans community in Amsterdam and the Netherlands through a variety of social, educational, and cultural events, and spearheaded TransPride Amsterdam.

This creative project aims to connect us through acknowledging and celebrating differences as being beautifully unique but not other, hence the title All the People.

Ed Zephyr will also speak at the event. Ed is a stage and screen actor and sits on the advisory panel for All About Trans, a UK organization working to improve understanding of trans people and promote trans voices in the media.

Free event, no  booking.

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