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Abdulhamid Kircher: Rotting from Within

Abdulhamid Kircher: Rotting from Within

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Rotting from Within refers to a feeling described by Abdulhamid Kircher upon the unearthing of his father’s history: the discovery of the generational trauma within the patriarchs of his family and the subsequent task of uncovering the artist’s self amongst the things passed down. Beginning at the age of seventeen with the reacquaintance of his estranged father, recently released from incarceration for selling drugs and attempted murder, Kircher’s self-led journey into photography coincided with a reflection on his past. Born in Berlin and fleeing to the USA at a young age, the camera provided an entry point for intimacy and familiarity with his father and his Turkish culture and heritage while fostering a deep relationship with the photographic medium and its possibilities.

Rotting from Within weaves a deeply personal, autobiographical thread with photographic vigour and candidness as we penetrate deeper into the psychological questions of identity, the glorification of violence, the myths of masculinity and the veil through which photography provides a mechanism to cope and understand the world. Kircher’s threaded visual voice speaks at the intersection of an internal monologue and a nuanced approach to documentary; through complex assemblages of portraiture, observation, archival documents, diaries and more, Rotting from Within contains visual webs of association within which Kircher captures the tension between speculation and reality, the inherent unknowability of even those closest at hand, and how we do not get to choose the life into which we are born.


Abdulhamid Kircher (b. 1996) is an artist from Queens, New York. He was born in Berlin to German and Turkish parents, and immigrated with his mother to the United States at the age of eight. His work is a living archive of place and people, as it is also a dedication to the language of photography, the mechanics and aesthetic possibilities of the form. He received his BA in Culture and Media from The New School in 2018 and his MFA in Visual Arts from the University of California San Diego in 2022. Abdul currently lives and works between Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California.


Title: Rotting from Within
Publisher: Loose Joints, 2024
Photographer: Abdulhamid Kircher
Authors: Text by the artist and Zoe Bullock
Editors:  Sarah Chaplin Espenon at Loose Joints, Abdulhamid Kircher, Zoe Bulloc
Graphic Design: Loose Joints
Format: Section-sewn debossed OTA-bound silkscreened softcover
Size: 21 x 29 cm, 124 pages

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