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Davide Meneghello: Again He Holds Me By The Hand

Davide Meneghello: Again He Holds Me By The Hand

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Again He Holds Me By the Hand is a publication by artist Davide Meneghello. This Japanese bound book, designed by Massimo Melloni, was published upon Meneghello’s exhibition with the same title at Jest in Turin, Italy in 2019. In Again He Holds Me By The Hand Meneghello has taken photographs from the Library of Congress and the Florida State Archives which depict group portraits of men in uniform in which there is a subtle gesture of intimacy in the photo. Meneghello interprets these details as evidence of queer intimacy hidden in hypermasculine environments. He zooms in on these subtleties, cropping them closely to hone in on these tender moments in the photographs. Alongside the images are fragments of Walt Whitman’s poem, Once I pass’d through a populous city.


Title: Again He Holds Me By The Hand
Publisher: Self-Published, 2019
Author: Davide Meneghello
Photographer: Found
Graphic Design: Davide Meneghello
Format: Softcover
Size: 21 x 15 cm, 40 pages
Edition: 50 copies


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