Alec Soth: The Space Between Us

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Corresponding to Alec Soth's first solo exhibition in China at Shanghai Center of Photography, The Space Between Us includes selections spanning the entirety of Soth's career. Included are five essays, The Moment Behind the Moment by Liu Heung Shing, Storyteller, Alec Soth and Alec Soth's Multiple Identities & Space-time Moments by Zhang Wenxin, Photographer Alec Soth: Taking a Meditative Approach Towards Photography by Shi Hantao, Forks in the Road-Alec Soth's Journey Along the Road to Here by Karen Smith.

Texts in Chinese & English


Title: The Space Between Us
Publisher: Jiazazhi, 2020
Author: Alec Soth, Liu Heung Shing, Karen Smith, Shi Hantao, Zhang Wenxin
Photographer: Alec Soth
Graphic Design: -
Format: Hardcover
Size: 26 x 18.5 cm, 160 pages
Edition: -