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Alvaro Barrios: Coquito

Alvaro Barrios: Coquito

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Alvaro Barrios is a Colombian conceptual artist and cartoonist. This facsimile of an artists' book of collages from the Leticia and Stanislas Poniatowski collection. It was originally made in 1972 drawing upon images of male sports stars of the day culled from Latin American newspapers.

His first exhibition was at the Galería Casa de Don Benito in Cartagena. Afterwards, he exhibited at Galería Picasso in Medellín and at the Casa de la Cultura in Manizales. Barrios commented on these early works: “In 1965 I was especially interested in the sense of nostalgia that comics transmitted in me and it was then when I made my first collages with images from the world of Dick Tracy, this passion was attributed to some to the “zeitgeist” that in those days was called pop art. Actually it was the continuation of a childhood during which I selected two hundred comics cut from newspapers, collected them in rolls, numbered, dated and hand-colored them. I dedicated myself to translating one kind of art to another, since obviously comics were, “the great art of the future” as Alejandro Jodorowsky called them, and gave my drawings an atmosphere that filled me so fully that it was not important for me to give a too deep explanation for such works.”


Title: Coquito
Publisher Dashwood Books, 2017
Author: Alvaro Barrios
Photographer: Alvaro Barrios
Graphic Design: -
Format: Softcover
Size: 20 x 14.5 cm, 32 pages
Edition: -



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