Anaïs Bigard-Bachmann & Ombline Ley: Fascinus

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Cropped collages utilising a rare collection of 1970s magazine Sexe Bizarre, discovered by film-maker Ombline Ley and appropriated into a study of inconsequential motifs with her collaborator Anaïs Bigard-Bachmann.

Texts in French.


Title: Fascinus
Publisher: FP&CF, 2018
Author: Anaïs Bigard-BachmannOmbline Ley, Cyntia MorilleauGuillaume Grall Maxime Milanesi
Photographer: Anon
Graphic Design: Cyntia Morilleau
Format: Softcover w, dust jacket
Size: 23 x 15 cm, 112 pages
Edition: 500 copies

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