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Anna Ostoya & Chantal Mouffe: Politics and Passions

Anna Ostoya & Chantal Mouffe: Politics and Passions

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In 2009, the artist Anna Ostoya created a booklet with textual collages using an essay by the political theorist Chantal Mouffe, ‘Politics and Passions: The Stakes of Democracy’ (2002). In the essay, Mouffe critiqued the then-dominant ‘beyond left and right’ politics of neoliberalism and warned of its dangers – the rise of right-wing populist parties. Fascinated by Mouffe’s strikingly prophetic ideas, as well as her bold call to fight the status quo in order to radicalise democracy and to prevent violence, Ostoya returned to the booklet in 2019. She composed for it a series of portraits based on sketches of people on the New York City subway and on reproductions of her paintings and collages from the preceding decade. She also conducted a conversation with Mouffe about the politics of the last forty years, about the contemporary moment and about art, which is included in this publication.


Title: Politics and Passions
Publisher: Mack, 2021
Author: Chantal Mouffe
Artist: Anna Ostoya
Format: Paperback with flaps
Size:  12,5 x 19,5 cm, 224 pages
ISBN: 9781913620196

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