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Boris Mikhailov: Yesterday's Sandwich

Boris Mikhailov: Yesterday's Sandwich

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'This series, I think, conveyed a kind of generalizing, metaphorical and unique picture of our life and reflected, as it were, the call of sensory perception of life, which could be possible to call as a "soviet romanticism."

I think, this series corresponded to the worldview of the soviet man of the 60-70s, who began to realize the duality of soviet life and who began to realize its life in the duality atmosphere, and all of these corresponded to the beginning of changes in society, the beginning of its democratization.

Khrushchev’s exosed of the problems gave the new worldview and the other possibility of the filming :to take the photographs of "the bare truth" (... with the more freedom, which came, became possible to bare the social problems and to take pictures of the bare human body...).

And some more, this is a very important series for me, after which I felt like a photographer.' - Boris Mikhailov


Title: Yesterday's Sandwich
Publisher: Super Labo, 2019
Author: Boris Mikhailov
Photographer: Boris Mikhailov
Graphic Design: -
Format: Hardcover
Size: 24.6 x 16.95 cm, 104 pages
ISBN: 9784908512698
Edition: 1000 copies



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