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Coco Capitán: Transsiberian (Fashion Eye Series)

Coco Capitán: Transsiberian (Fashion Eye Series)

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"My trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway was unique in that pretty much everything I experienced was different from what I had imagined," says Spanish photographer Coco Capitán. "I thought I would be travelling in a train filled with chatty and friendly passengers and I had the idea that my adventure would play out along these lines. I could already see in my mind the pictures of passengers caught by my camera inside the old train compartments. Nothing could have been further from the reality I encountered." Born in Seville in 1992 and now based in London, having moved there to study at Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, Coco Capitán’s work spans a range of practices and media. Involved in the world of luxury from the start of her career, she rapidly gained international recognition as a fashion photographer. However, her artistic focus and accomplishments reach far beyond that sphere, combining photography, painting and performance with written slogans and aphorisms. Inspired by the House's travel heritage, the Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye Collection evokes cities, regions or countries through the eyes of fashion photographers, from emerging talents to industry legends. Each title in the series features an extensive selection of large-format photographs, together with biographical information and an interview with the photographer or a critical essay. After Louis Vuitton City Guides and Travel Books, this third collection presents travel photography with a fashion perspective, as the chosen photographers all infuse their images of great cities, faraway places or dream destinations with their unique vision.



Title: Transsiberian (Fashion Eye)
Publisher: Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye, 2022
Editor: Damien Poulain
Photographer: Coco Capitán
Format: Hardcover, Silkscreen-printed cloth binding
Size: 23.6 x 30.5 cm, 112 pages
ISBN: 9782369832904
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