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Cole Brash: Stiya

Cole Brash: Stiya

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Stiya is the newest body of work from the Brooklyn based artist, Cole Barash. He uses a unique hyper-focused approach in a study of two pure forms of raw energy, a Nor'Easter storm and the birth of a child.  Through composition and sequence, this work considers the experience of these two worlds as one.

"At first, I hadn’t made the connection between the two events and was naturally drawn out into photographing the storm and the aftermath. I spent a few days hiking the dunes, the beaches, the ponds and woods, focusing on areas that had been impacted by the storm and areas that hadn’t changed at all. Later realizing that in its seclusion, the space of a storm can be much like the space of a delivery room. The pressure, the buildup, the excitement and fear that come along with witnessing this incredible transformation of energy. Both spaces exclusive to the elements involved in conceiving the change, I was so curious. What was this going to look like?" - Cole Barash


Title: Stiya
Publisher: Deadbeat Club, 2019
Author: Cole Barash
Photographer: Cole Barash
Graphic Design: -
Format: Hardcover
Size: 32.5 x 25.5 cm, 84 pages
ISBN: 9780999829844
Edition: 707 copies

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