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Curating Digital Art

Curating Digital Art

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What is the role of the curator when organizing digital art exhibitions in offline and online spaces? This book focuses on how the experiments of curators, artists and designers have opened the possibility to reconfigure traditional models and methods of presenting and accessing digital art. In the process, it addresses how web-based practices challenge certain established museological values and precipitate alternative ways of understanding art's stewardship, curatorial responsibility, public access and art history. Through more than twenty interviews with artists and curators in the course of the last ten years, and flanked by an extensive timeline, the reader of this publication is given an insight into the discourse on digital art and its curation today.



Title: Curating Digital Art
Publisher: Valiz, 2021

Editor: Annet Dekker
Author: Various

Graphic Design: Irene Stracuzzi
Format: Softcover
Size: 24 x 14.8 cm, 352 pages
ISBN: 9789493246010


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