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Dani d’Ingeo: New Order

Dani d’Ingeo: New Order

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In the words of Bruno, ‘with New Order, the photographer embarks on a symbolic trip that takes them back to Italy — the motherland by whom, as a queer child and teenager, they often felt rejected — to establish a new, renovated connection with their roots.’  The series of pictures depict queer bodies and individuals in rural frameworks, in an attempt to honour existence and belonging beyond the urban and the underground. According to Burns ‘‘they’re angling at what it means for queerness to be an embodied knowledge and experience that brings about beautiful, meaningful summers, hot friendships, sweaty embraces and late-night sea swims”.

Title: New Order
Publisher: Smut Press, 2023
Photographer: Dani D'Ingeo 
Format: Hardback 
Size: 146 pages, 17 x 23.5 mm 
Edition: 1st edition 
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