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Don Hudson: From The Archives

Don Hudson: From The Archives

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From The Archives shows nearly fifteen years of personal archives and presents for the first time these photographs as a collection edited. Native of Detroit, the Motown (Motor Town), Don Hudson had the heyday of the automobile which was then the Michigan region of global production. Three major U.S. automakers, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler also have their headquarters in the Detroit area. From the early 70s, Don Hudson has documented his personal relationship with the streets of Motown and small towns of Michigan. Over the years, he has compiled a unique visual archive of American daily life. These photographs, made at political rallies, parades, fairs, or high school football games, tell of a common social landscape of the American Midwest. However, each scenario becomes a personal excuse to allow the camera to suggest alternate meanings to the literal visual world described. Each scene is an excuse to catch a fugitive and incongruous situation. However, if the book has a certain vision of the American daily life’s style in an era of recklessness and full employment, the collection began in 1973, date of the first oil shock, and also announces that go deep tensions irreversible mark the lives of the americans and dent more the "American Dream."

The book has 2 different cover options which will be distributed randomly.

Bilingual texts in English & French.


Title: From The Archives
Publisher: Editions FP&CF, 2012
Author: Don Hudson, Bryan Formhals
Photographer: Don Hudson
Graphic Design: -
Format: Softcover
Size: 26 x 19 cm, 128 pages
ISBN: 9782953694796
Edition: 700 copies
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