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Dubblefilm Treat ISO 400 35mm Film 24 Exposures (£15.99 incl VAT)

Dubblefilm Treat ISO 400 35mm Film 24 Exposures (£15.99 incl VAT)

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Dubblefilm Treat is versatile ISO 400 daylight colour motion picture film. Based on Kodak Vision 3 250D. This is the latest generation of 35mm movie film used to shoot many motion pictures and TV shows with intense colour, particularly at night and halo effects around bright red lights.

Dubblefilm have removed the remjet layer found on motion picture film so it can be developed in the regular C-41 process rather than the ECN-2 motion picture film process. Due to the spooling process used to put this film in to stills films cartridges it is possible the first few exposures could have light leaks. The cartridge is not DX coded but a sticker is enclosed with DX coding for use with DX equipped cameras.

Name: Dubblefilm Treat ISO 400 Color
Vendor: Dubblefilm 
Type: Colour (negative)
Native ISO: 400
Format(s): 35mm
35mm DX Coded: DX coding sticker enclosed
Spectral sensitivity: -
Normal Process: C-41
Push process: -
Exposure latitude:
Verified Manufacturer: Kodak

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