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Ed Templeton: City Confessions #1 Tokyo

Ed Templeton: City Confessions #1 Tokyo

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"The photographs in this book were taken during seven trips to Tokyo between the years 1998 and 2018, with the majority being shot between 2016 and 2018.

I first came to Tokyo in 1998 on a skateboarding tour, and then again two times in 2001, first for a big citywide art exhibition called "Untitled 2001" and then again as a skateboarder later that year. Those first visits to Tokyo were full of walking and wandering and photographing in the streets when I wasn't skateboarding. Then in 2016 I came back to Tokyo as a tourist after a long absence. These more recent trips have been more focussed on shooting photographs and observing the life and rhythms of the people of Tokyo. I like to find moments that speak to human existence and specifically to the customs and rituals of life in Tokyo." - Ed Templeton

"City Confessions #1 Tokyo" is the first book in the City Confessions series. City Confessions will be an ongoing series of books that will be later slipcased together as a set. Each volume will be a selection of photographs from a city that I have spent significant time working in and exploring.


Title: City Confessions #1 Tokyo
Publisher: Super Labo, 2019
Author: Ed Templeton
Photographer: Ed Templeton
Graphic Design: Ed Templeton
Format: Softcover
Size: 24 x 20.8 cm, 56 pages
ISBN: 9784908512803
Edition: 1000 copies
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